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Aegis FactoryLogix

Speed, Control and Visiblity for Manufacturing Operations

Currently Distron Corporation is utilizing Aegis Software platforms to run their Contract Manufacturing business. Ensuring the right document is in use at each work station demands constant management, and overlooking that can lead to product rework or scrap. Beyond revision control, operators need detailed and searchable documentation to build a quality product. The Aegis platform, FactoryLogix meets these challenges. Visual documentation created in the NPI module is dispatched automatically to each workstation under revision control and presents searchable, interactive multimedia documentation targeted perfectly where and when it is needed. Critical assembly processes demand both control and evidence that an operator’s work was performed correctly. For a given instruction step, operators may need to record a setting value, acknowledge the step was performed, have an inspector or inspectors confirm the work meets spec, and/or provide photographic evidence of the completed step. FactoryLogix provides this support, fluidly guiding the operator through their sequential build process, enforcing capture of the required steps, and providing evidence of the work performed as part of the unit’s build history. The task of determining where all work orders and units are located throughout the plant is, in reality, among the most difficult. FactoryLogix solves this problem by digitally tracking every unit factory-wide, making this information available in real-time. Products may be built in batches and/or as serialized units.

  • FactoryLogix offers material setup validation and enforcement at any work station, to verify BOM part content, tooling, and even consumables. Material may be verified as loaded or replenished into the station, or for every unit processed for upmost assurance of installed part content.
  • FactoryLogix stands apart because it is built on CAD intelligence.
  • It collects data from automated inspection equipment via xLink.
  • FactoryLogix also drives the redirection of the nonconforming product into user-configured routes for rework.
  • FactoryLogix ensures that operators load the correct paste chemistry and tooling
  • Distron is able to stage machine setups without affecting the current production run. The actual machine change over time and related machine breakdown is thus reduced to a minimum.
  • FactoryLogix’ offline material setup provides a significant time benefit when all time-consuming preparations are carried out independently from the placement machines.
  • FactoryLogix verifies material and feeders used throughout the line, and records this information as trace detail for each processed unit.
  • FactoryLogix provides a totally unprecedented way for Distron to get the data you need.
  • Reports, real-time dashboards, and even mobile interfaces empower the people in operations—not just the IT office—to build the outputs they need in a graphical, simple manner.
  • FactoryLogix puts the power to get manufacturing information in the hands of those who need it. This is what separates Distron from the competition.
Aegis FactoryLogix
Aegis FactoryLogix
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