Stay Home, Manufacture Locally

Did you know?

In 2010, the consulting firm Grant Thornton found that 44% of respondents perceived no benefit from overseas manufacturing, while another 7 percent believed that offshoring had actually caused them harm.



Fast forward to the present day, and the average wage of previously “cheap” offshore labor continues to rise – demonstrating that the value-gap continues to close.

So, does manufacturing “at home” mean OEMs have to suffer? No! Through geography, closer working relationships, and the expectations and regulations of the U.S. market – not only are both parties kept honest, but the manufacturer and their client give new meaning to the term “domestic partnership.”

Sure, overseas manufacturers offer reduced manual labor costs, but at what hidden cost?

You can’t recover your stolen intellectual property, be sure that environmental and safety standards were properly followed or, most importantly, walk onto the manufacturing floor to tweak the scheme of your product if you go outside the U.S.

A contract manufacturer in the U.S. aims for responsiveness, timeliness and full support. Its workers have high expectations for the products they deliver, and they believe in accountability. You can’t get that overseas. You can get it locally.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of contract manufacturing in America vs. Overseas?  Our mission is to be the authority. Click below to read the full white paper.



Author: Distron Corporation

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