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Case Study: Developing a Durable Water Quality Instrument

The Challenge

Products designed for industrial environments need to be rugged, and water quality analysis devices are required to be especially durable. An OEM designer of water quality equipment needed a manufacturing partner to develop and produce a new product for an international market. They turned to Distron because of their reputation for manufacturing, high quality electronics.

The Distron Solution

Distron was able to assist the OEM customer throughout the entirety of the manufacturing process, from initial design concept through final product packaging.

  • Engineering for compliance: Distron designed the new product to meet the customer's RoHS requirements.
  • Experienced supply chain management: Through its extensive network of distributors and suppliers, Distron was able to dramatically reduce direct material cost and reduce overall lead-time.
  • Verifiable quality: Distron designed and manufactured custom test sets to ensure that the finished devices performed as designed.
  • Commitment to service: Distron developed and produced labeling and packaging for the new water quality device.
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques: Cell-based manufacturing using a mixture of lean and just-in-time philosophies allowed Distron to efficiently produce this complex device in high volume, at a reduced cost.


As a result of Distron's partnership with the OEM, the final manufactured instrument met the customer's extreme design standards at a cost that was less than anticipated. In addition, the client was able to achieve on-time delivery for their new product release.

In the final stages of new product release, the OEM requested several last minute design modifications. Distron worked with the OEM to smoothly incorporate the changes while having minimal impact on cost and lead time.

This is an example of the way Distron can and will work with OEM designers to seamlessly incorporate changes without negative consequences to cost or time-to-market.

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