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Case Study: Lighting the Way

The Challenge

With the LED lighting market expected to reach $63 billion by 2020, an LED lighting company decided to take advantage of this exploding market by introducing a new product family. They engaged Distron as their contract manufacturer to provide design for manufacturability (DFM) support and handle the complexities of New Product Introduction (NPI). The customers need was for rapid implementation of the new design to take advantage of the most current LED technology so as to remain the leader in the architectural lighting marketplace.

The Distron Solution

Distron used a variety of techniques to bring costs down, meet customer demand, and improve the overall product.

  • Vendor Managed Inventory: By leveraging their supplier relationships and having vendor owned inventory on-site, Distron was able to instantly react and begin production.
  • Automated LED Binning: Distron seamlessly worked with the customer to handle the customized binning requirements.
  • Design Review: To add value to the PCBA design, Distron made recommendations that resulted in reduced manufacturing cost and improved product throughput.
  • Lean Manufacturing: A dedicated lean manufacturing cell allowed Distron to implement a build-to order model and generate further improvements in cost and quality.
  • Custom Test Sets: Distron designed and built custom test sets to ensure that the new product functioned as intended.
  • Packaging: Distron created reusable and environmentally friendly packaging for the LED product.


The lighting OEM was extremely happy with the new product and ultimately very successful with the product release. The LED Lighting market has reacted favorably to this cutting-edge design and product quality and reliability have greatly improved. These factors have resulted in several high profile project awards increasing the OEMs recognition in the world market. Distron was critical in the success of this next generation product and has proven themselves to be an indispensable manufacturing partner.

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