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Case Study: Making an Outsourced Product Better, Faster, and Stronger

The Challenge

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of ruggedized military power modules, needed to outsource their product in order to create floor space for a new product line. At the same time, they wanted to retain the manufacturing standards that allowed them to pass MIL-STD-810G testing.

Secondly, they needed to find a contract manufacturer that already employed exacting quality standards, cutting-edge equipment and capabilities, and world class supply-chain practices. The OEM turned to Distron.

The Distron Solution

Distron took on the challenge of creating a military-grade custom power supply for their client—and a few other challenges as well. Distron needed to create a version of the OEM product that met electrical specifications and was less expensive. In addition the power supply was required to perform under extreme conditions and to be delivered at a reduced lead-time. They also needed to duplicate the OEM’s manufacturing processes, meeting or exceeding their existing quality standards. Here's how they met the challenge.

  • Rapid response: Distron's first step was to create a rapid response team that could immediately begin replicating their OEMs manufacturing processes on Distron's factory floor.
  • Collaboration: The rapid response team effectively communicated with the OEM’s manufacturing and engineering teams on the client side in order to ensure their standards were met.
  • Customization: In order to more accurately replicate the manufacturing processes and device characteristics from the OEM, Distron created a customer focused work cell and customized tooling. This eased the transfer of the manufacturing processes and ensured more consistent results.
  • Documentation: Distron was able to implement paperless documentation in order to improve overall product quality.


Through Distron's collaboration with the OEM, they were able to produce a rugged power supply that performed as well or better than the original. In addition, this product was delivered both faster and at a lower cost, ensuring the satisfaction both of the OEM and of the military.

Distron's success rebounded positively on the client in another respect. The successful collaboration allowed the OEM to complete their goals by allowing them to expand successfully. By creating free space in their current facility, they were able to reduce their own product lead time by 25-30%, while freeing up the resources they needed for new product development.

Additionally, Distron's commitment to high-quality manufacturing shows that an outsourced product can meet or exceed the OEM specifications. It also proves that an improvement in quality and delivery lead-time does not necessarily lead to an increase in cost. Since Distron's expertise extends to both manufacturing and supply chain management manufacturing there's no reason for customers to make sacrifices.

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