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Distron Corp of Attleboro Falls, MA Enhances Electronic Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

As Robert Donovan, President of Distron Corporation explains, electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) has historical roots that can be traced from the point where the technology was an expensive and cumbersome luxury to the essential and world changing technology it is today. He says, "Industries everywhere take advantage of electronic contract manufacturing, and for that reason we've made it a point to consistently improve our capabilities."

In August of 2011, Donovan and Don Petry, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Distron announced plans to make significant investments in Distron's Attleboro Falls Facility. Then, the company implemented over $1 million in new equipment and increased floor space to, as Petry explains, "More efficiently and effectively handle electronic contract manufacturing jobs of all sizes."

Today, almost a year later the two explain that the company has no plans to slow their constant growth. "A year ago, the focus of these improvements was to reinforce our ability to provide the the capabilities and technology on par with large contract manufacturing companies, while delivering the quality that only a smaller company can consistently deliver. Today, nothing has changed and the progress continues."

Today, Distron Corporation continues to implement vital improvements, including state of the art assembly equipment that allows for a greatly improved placement capacity, enabling the company to offer contract manufacturing services on a much larger scale.

Apart from obvious capital improvements at Distron's facility, Donovan adds, "While we're very excited for the continued opportunity to invest in improving our capabilities, we are also constantly looking to enhance our company in as many intangible ways as we can, whether that means improved quality control protocols or valuable training."

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