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Distron Equipment Adds for 2018

Distron Corporation continues to upgrade equipment in our Surface Mount Assembly and Box Build operations. Record sales in 2017 have allowed for important investments in capital equipment. Please see the equipment below used by our operators and technicians in support of customer requirements.

Parker Balston DB5-20 Nitrogen Generation System

A nitrogen generator has been added to continuously supply nitrogen to the selective soldering process. The low maintenance system eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen tanks and is expandable for future soldering requirements.

The nitrogen generator simplifies the selective soldering process. Selective soldering is an effective alternative for mixed technology boards creating consistent solder joints while reducing cycle time for Tin Lead and ROHS alloys.


TPS Tenney Jr. Compact Temperature Test Chambers

Two new Junior Compact Temperature Test Chambers have been purchased to upgrade our environmental testing capability. These new units are highly efficient, portable and have improved functionality. The chambers have built-in communication ports allowing them to be programmed and controlled remotely.

These new environmental test chambers also have preset temperature profiling options for programming speed and ease of use. In addition, the chambers also offer an increased range of temperatures at both the high and low end (-68 degrees C to 180 degrees C). The rate of temperature change is greatly accelerated reducing test cycle times.


EcoStrip 9380

This Schleuniger EcoStrip 9380 has been purchased to upgrade our cable and wire processing capability in support of box build applications. The three-in-one machine automatically measures, cuts and strips wire and cable product. The Schleuniger is extremely flexible and easy to program using a color touchscreen interface.

It handles all kinds of materials and can be configured quickly and easily changed by the operator. The machine is also equipped with a high resolution blade holder and feeding drive axes along with guide parts. The feature make the Schleuniger uncompromisingly precise.

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