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Distron Equipment List


  • Manex ERP System
  • Aegis Factory Logix CAM/MES Software System
  • Lead-Free Manufacturing
  • EPA and DEP Process Compliant
  • Process PFEMA and Control Plans
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • ISO 13485 Certified
  • Vendor In-Stores Inventory Programs
  • Barcode Tracking System for Traceability
  • Environmentally Controlled SMT Process
  • IPC Certified Employees
  • IPC Certified On-site Trainers (2)
  • Mycronic Line Control Software including MyPlan, MyCenter & MyLine
  • J-STD-001 Certified On-Site Trainer

Assembly Equipment

SMT Placement Equipment

  • Mycronic MYPro series MY300DX w/ Dual Hydra Heads (2) with T6 large board handling conveyor (1)
  • Mycronic MY200DX w/ Dual Hydra Heads
  • Mycronic MY100 DX (2) SMT w/Dual Hydra Heads
  • Mycronic MY9E with Hydra Head (2)
  • Agilis Intelligent Feeder System
  • Agilis stick magazines L-014-1642
  • Agilis stick pallet L-014-1687
  • ASM positioner L-014-1749
  • Agilis bins L-014-1568

Paste Printing

  • Mycronic Jet Printer MY700 JX
  • DEK Horizon Fully Automatic In-Line Screen Printer w/ 2D Inspection
  • DEK Horizon 03iX Printing Machine (2)
  • VI technology Primo Solder Paste Inspection System (2)
  • EKRA E-1 Semi-Automatic Screen Printer w/vision


  • Heller 1809 MK III Reflow Oven RoHS Certified (3)
  • Heller 1809 EXL Reflow Oven RoHS Certified (1)
  • Electrovert Econopak Gold Lead-Free Wave Soldering Machine
  • Electrovert Econopak Leaded Soldering Machine RoHS Certified
  • Jade S-200 Selective Wave Soldering System w/Nitrogen (2) with Parker Hannifin Nitrogen Generator
  • Hakko FM202 Programmable Soldering Irons

Automated Inspection Equipment

  • Vitech 5K 3D Automated Optical Inspection (2)
  • YESTech AOI System FX (3)
  • DAGE Ruby X-ray w/ X-Plane Technology

Repair Center

  • Air-Vac Engineering DRS-25 BGA Rework System RoHS
  • Air-Vac PCBRM15 Selective Solder Through Hole System RoHS
  • OKI Dual Iron Rework Station
  • JBC Soldering Irons
  • Hakko preheater


  • AKS Chemical and DI Water In-Line Cleaning Systems
  • Gensonic Stencil Cleaner
  • Solder Sauer for Cleaning out Solder Pots

Mechanical Assembly

  • Series LT/4 PEMSERTER Press
  • PVA 650 Automated Conformal Coating Syste
  • Eubanks Automatic Wire Cutting /Stripping
  • Molex TM40 Termination Equipment

Test and Inspection Equipment

  • Functional Test Development Capability
  • Jet-300 MDA System w/HP Testjet Technology
  • Seica Pilot Flying Probe Machine
  • Tenney TPS Thermal Cycling Chamber (1)
  • Tenney Environmental Chambers (2)
  • Thermatron Temperature Test Chambers (2)
  • Walk-in Burn-in Room
  • Hipotronics HD Series 100 Hi-Pot Tester
  • Fluke Multi-meters
  • Supervision CRT Inspection System
  • Microscopes

Material Storage

  • Mycronic SMD Tower 200
Equipment at Distron