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Electronic Assemblies from Distron Corporation

Distron Corporation has served the electronics, clean tech, military, medical, and other industries for over 40 years with high quality electronic assemblies manufactured with a constant focus on precision and value. For every project our approach is centered on your success. We're focused on your success because when you succeed, it means we've succeeded by delivering superior quality, comprehensive service, and state-of-the-art testing that makes sure you get the electronic assemblies you need to succeed.

Over the years, we have constantly invested in our team, our equipment, and our methodologies to provide the quality, service, and consistently competitive prices that have helped us develop long-term relationships with customers from every industry. Electronic assembly services frequently include surface mount assembly, ball grid array placement, flex circuit assembly, and more.

Your Go-To Source for Electronic Assembly

With a staff of experienced operators and advanced equipment, Distron Corporation is equipped to complete electronic assembly for projects ranging from simple to complex.

Common Electronic Assembly Components include:

  • Electronic chassis/panel assembly
  • Prototypes
  • Power panel assemblies
  • Fan trays
  • Enclosures
  • Medical devices
  • And more...

If you require electronic assembly in New England, Distron Corporation can help. For years we've developed our business to offer our customers the technical support and comprehensive service required to make getting exactly what you need as simple as possible. From design support all the way up to delivery, when combined with the variety of services we offer and our advanced equipment, our staff of more than 100 skilled employees ensure that quality characterizes every assembly project

How Electronic Assembly Service Benefits Your Business

  • Process monitoring for enhanced quality
  • Advanced quality control and inspection equipment
  • Fast turn around times
  • Fast set up and changeover as production dictates
  • International and domestic material sourcing to help keep costs competitive
  • Shipping directly to you, your distributor, or your customer
  • Advanced screen printing for excellent speed, repeatability, and accuracy
  • Design support

For more information on electronic assembly services from Distron Corporation or to inquire about an estimate for your manufacturing project, please don't hesitate to call 508.695.8786 or email us today!

Electronic Assemblies
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