Expanded Manufacturing Capacity & Capabilities

Distron has dramatically expanded its production facility adding 12,500 sq. ft. of additional floor space to increase SMT output and allow for a new electro-mechanical assembly area. Furthermore, over $1M in new equipment, software and training has been invested to improve current capacity. Distron’s manufacturing engineers have qualified and selected equipment to support growth and an improved technology offering. This has allowed Distron to double SMT production output to over 80K placements per hour.

Expanded Factory and Improved Layout

Due to recent improvements the current floor space of the operation has been increased to 38K sq. ft. This new design of the facility will reduce travel time and improve product flow. The stockroom and finished goods areas have been enlarged to over four times the previous size. This will allow Distron to handle more material and larger form factor components like sheet metal and plastic parts.

New High Speed SMT Line

Distron has purchased a third SMT line to increase our production output and improve overall product quality. Below are the major components of the new line:

  • DEK Horizon Fully Automatic In-Line Screen Printer
  • MyData 100 DX SMT Placement Machines w/Dual Heads
  • Heller 1809 EXL Reflow Oven RoHS Certified
  • YESTech F1 AOI Yield Enhancement System

New Dedicated Electro-Mechanical Work center

Distron has enlarged the floor space and increased the capability of the Electro-mechanical assembly area. This new area is organized into flexible lean manufacturing cells which are designed to support a specific product and/or customer. Each cell can be reconfigured, adapting to changing customer demand. All cells are operated by IPC610 trained staff and supported by electro-mechanical engineers.

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